Spring Break Free Lessons at EPCC & Mt. Scott Pools

We are offering free swim lessons March 25- March 28, 2013 at EPCC & Mt. Scott Pools.  Registration starts March 1st, 2013.  It is first come first serve.  List below are both pools swim lesson classes & times availability.

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Mt. Scott Pool
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Fall Schedule is Here!

Fall Aquatics Program is HERE!  Check out Fall pool schedules, Swim Lesson dates & times, Blue Makos and much more!  If you are looking to become or have a teenager that would like to be a Lifeguard, Swim Instructor or a Water Fitness Instructor check out our NEW Aquatic Training Brochure.  Registration for ALL Fall Classes and Training Classes all Year-round are now available to register for by phone at your local pool or click here to register online.

Why Sometimes it Takes Some Kids Longer to Progress in Swim Lessons

Have you ever wondered why your child doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in their swim lesson level?  Well sometimes it takes kids longer to become proficient in a skill.  Here is an approximate** guide to how long it might take your child to pass a swim lesson level.

Angelfish: Must be 18 months old
Starfish: Must be 3 years old
Goldfish: 1 Session, possibly 2 depending on your child and their water experience and your child’s personality if they are shy or outgoing.
Penguin: 1-2 Sessions; depending on how comfortable your child is on their back
Otter: 2 Sessions: Back skills may hold your child back
Seal: 2 Sessions: Side breathing skills for 20 feet are difficult. Also, it will depend on how comfortable your child is in the deep water.

Penguin: 1 Session; Maybe 2 depending on your child’s water experience
Otter: 1-2 Session; Back skills may hold your child back
Seal: 2 Sessions: Side breathing skills for 30 feet are difficult.
Polar Bear: 1 or 2 Sessions; 6 or 7 year olds may need two
Sea Lion: 2 Sessions
Piranha: Ongoing
Dolphin: 2 or 3 Sessions depending on breaststroke and endurance
Park Shark I: 2 sessions; side stroke with scissor kick will make this level difficult to pass in one session.
Park Shark II: 2 Sessions; Stroke and skill endurance will make this level difficult to pass in one session

As always if you are not sure why or have questions talk to your child’s instructor or the Lead Instructor at the facility you are swimming at.

**Please remember that these are approximate guidelines and not every child will fit into these guidelines.