Water Warrior 2013 ~ Aquatic Challenge

2012 Water Warriors

Our Annual Water Warrior Challenge is almost here.  This year we are featuring The Pool History Tour.  Here is how it works, you sign up for the challenge at one of our participating facilities.  Then you must come at least 16 time during the month of January, to do some sort of water work out, either lap swimming or take a water fitness class.  You can only participate at ONE facility of your choice.  There will be a tracking sheet with your name on it and each day you come in you will get one sticker.  It is one sticker per day.  If you complete the challenge you will receive a FREE Water Warriors T-shirt.

To participate you need to register at the front desk of the facility you plan to complete the challenge at.  This is a free program that you register for.  They will ask you what size T-Shirt you might want.

Here are the participating pools:
Buckman Pool course # 396581
Columbia Pool course # 396582
Dishman Pool course # 396584
East Portland Pool course # 396583
Mt. Scott Pool course # 396585
Southwest Pool course # 396586

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