Matt Dishman Pool


Matt Dishman Pool is located at: 77 NE Knott Street, Portland, Oregon 97212
Telephone: 503-823-3673

General Information: Indoor 25 yard, L-Shaped swimming pool, heated year-round to 84 degrees with a whirlpool spa heated to 102 degrees.  Water depths range from 2 feet to 12 feet.  Also has a one meter diving board. Program offerings include swimming lessons, lap swim, water fitness classes, and recreational play swims.

Bus Lines: #6 MLK, #4 Fesseden, #44 Mocks Crest, #24 Fremont

Pool Schedule:
Dishman Pool Schedule Spring 2013

Dishman Pool Schedule Winter 2013

General Admission Fees:

Adult (18-59 yrs) $4.00
Seniors (60+ yrs) $3.50
Teens (13-17 yrs) $3.50
Youth (3-17 yrs) $2.50
Toddler (0-2) Free


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