5 Winter Workout Tips For Busy People

Why are we talking about winter workout, you would ask…Well, simple: compared to staying active in the summer, it’s very easy to get caught with not doing workouts during the winter season. Putting this off is even done without any guilt, as the cold weather makes people uninspired to move about. Not to mention, many are so busy with celebrations and parties during the holidays that they just end up too tired to do any exercises.

Without a doubt, it really is so hard to stay in shape through the winter, as extra determination and work is needed. But you can still do simple routines while at work or in between Christmas celebrations.

Here are a few winter workout tips that can help you stay active during the cold season:

Knock One Out Before Work

With a busy work and social schedule for the winter, after office visits to the gym may be harder to commit to. When time is the problem, it may be a good idea to set some time aside before you start your day instead. Why not aspire to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to do a bit of cardio? The great thing about a winter workout is that it warms your body up and gets you out the door energized. You don’t necessarily have to go to an outside gym for your workout. Who wants to brave the snow to do that anyway? So, just turn on the television and follow a TV fitness program of a morning show for a few minutes. If you have a workout DVD, such as Shaun T Insanity workout, and you may want to follow this program through the winter. In fact, this is an excellent winter workout, as it gives you the reason NOT to miss a single workout, because the program has to be followed to the T in order to produce results

Walk to the Office

If work is near, you can skip the commute and walk from your home to the office and do the same on your way home later in the day. The cold winter breeze will make sweating easier to manage, so that you won’t have to look as worn down and haggard when you do arrive to work. But you also have to make sure to cover up when the weather is especially harsh and freezing at nighttime. Winter workout is not synonymous to carelessly strolling in the streets. Brisk walking has always been considered as a good form of exercise and it can be done regardless of the season.

Take the Stairs Up

Consider skipping the elevator going up your department or desk. If you’re office is on the 23rd floor, however, take the elevator up to the 20th floor and just use the stairs for the remaining floors. This would also be a good cardio workout in place of going to the gym. The elevation from the stairs forces your body’s physicality up a notch.

Eat Your Lunch Outside

Take your lunch outside. Enjoy the mid-day walk and relish your break. This way, you could spare another hour walking and burning off calories. If you do this quite often, walking has a way of invigorating the body, allowing you to be more energized. You will need the energy to survive the busy winter schedule on your social calendar.

Dance Party!

One of the best parts about enjoying this season is that parties are going on left and right. And parties are also a good excuse to exercise! You could organize your own for the holidays and make this a dance party. That’s hitting two birds with one stone — you get your winter workout in, at the same time you spend the holidays celebrating among friends.

Now you won’t have so much regrets (and extra pounds) after winter!

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