Workout Move of the Week


Aerobic Training/Core Strengthening Exercise

Strengthens and tones TRUNK (abdominals), HIPS (gluteals), THIGHS (quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors, adductors), SHOULDERS (deltoids) and CHEST (pectorals). Improves aerobic fitness when performed at sufficient intensity.

LUNGE STANCE. From a standing position step your left leg forward and right leg back. Keep knees slightly bent and aligned over toes. Maintain a slight forward lean in the torso so that shoulder/hip alignment follows a straight line through the extended rear leg. Reach and extend arms straight forward just under the surface of the water with palms facing down.

Sweep both arms down to the right as you quarter turn your body to the right. Pivot on your forward foot. At the same time, bring your right leg forward, bending the knee and lifting your instep toward the palms of your extended arms. Engage your abdominals and curl forward. Return to starting position and repeat. Exercise is performed at IMPACT LEVEL I.

Pelvic Stability and Postural Alignment

Focus effort on trunk action
Maintain neutral pelvis
Keep chest lifted

Then Switch to the Left


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