Workout Move of the Week

Happy Monday!  Everyone Monday we are going to feature a new workout move of the week.  There will be a variety of moves that we will show, anything from Lap swimming, Water Exercise, Warm-up or cool down stretches in the water and much more.  We hope you enjoy!

Aerobic /Transition Exercise

This is a great warm up exercise to get your muscles moving in the warm and for your body to adjust to the temperature of the pool.

You should start by standing should width apart and your hands by your sides.  Toes & knees will be pointed slightly outward.  Make sure you’re your shoulders are over your hip to maintain proper body alignment.

You will pick up your left knee & push down with your right arm, then press your left knee down & bring up your right arm.  Then switch to the other leg and arm.  Lift up your right knee & press down your left arm, then press your right knee down & bring up your right arm.

Pelvic Stability and Postural Alignment

Focus effort on trunk action
Maintain neutral pelvis
Keep chest lifted


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