Aquatics Awards Breakfast 2012

Wilson Lifeguard being recognized for a job well done.

Tuesday August 28, 2012, we held our Annual Aquatics Awards Breakfast.  This summer we had many successes and we recognized a job well done to many of our employees.  We recognized the Wilson lifeguards for being diligent and rescuing a 13 year old girl out of the pool this summer.  We recognized the Peninsula and Pier staff for being proactive in getting all of the patrons into a safe area while there was police activity right out their front doors.

This summer we also joined with OHSU to work together to test out a youth safety program to help prevent work injuries in the job place.  They called the program PUSH or Promoting U through Safety and Health.  This year the pool winners with the most participation was Peninsula pool, follow by Dishman pool, and Southwest pool took third place.  Thank you everyone for all your participation!

On to the fun part of the morning, staff recognition.  Each pool selects an employee of the summer out of all of their employees, they are voted on by their peers.  This summer’s employees of the summer for each pool are as follows:

Buckman Pool ~ Mitchell McBride
Columbia Pool ~ Alheli T. Figueroa
Creston Pool ~ Nate Jones
Dishman Pool ~ Luke Bolton
EPCC Pool ~ Victor Rojas – Arcos
Grant Pool ~ Alisha Green
Montavilla Pool ~ Tom Gilmore
Mt. Scott Pool ~ Leah Snyder
Peninsula Pool ~ Samantha Sahnow
Pier Pool ~ Ian Buxman
Sellwood Pool~ Reed Brevig
SWCC Pool ~ Carly Wellington
Wilson Pool ~ Garrett Wyman

Out of these candidates we pick a Rookie of the Summer & Employee of the Summer, they received the high honor and free trainings for the rest of their time working for us.  The Rookie of the Summer is Leah Snyder from Mt. Scott Pool.

Leah Snyder on the left, with her supervisors Paige Pelker, Jamie Burrows, and Tim Justice

The Citywide Employee of the Summer was shared this year with Victor Rojas – Arcos from EPCC pool & Carly Wellington from SWCC pool.

Victor Rojas – Arcos with his supervisor Kristen Stout

Carly Wellington (to the right) with her Supervisor Crystal Ius

We also select a Management Team of the Summer & Pool of the Summer.  The teams are broken down into 4 groups listed below:

Group “A”           Group “B”           Group “C”           Group “D”

Grant                    Columbia               Dishman            Buckman
Sellwood              Creston                  EPCC                 Peninsula
Wilson                 Montavilla                Mt.Scott                Pier

The Management Teams of the summer are: Dishman Pool, Montavilla Pool, Pier Pool and Wilson Pool

The Pools of the Summer are: Creston Pool, EPCC Pool, Peninsula Pool, Sellwood Pool.

Congratulations to Everyone & Thank you for a Great Summer!


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