Lifeguards Receives EXCEEDS on Their Audit


Portland Parks & Recreation lifeguards are certified through Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Company.  Being part of E&A we have certain requirements we have to meet to stay current in our certification.  Lifeguards must recertify annually, and when they are working they must be a rescue ready level at all times, they are required to maintain a minimum of 4 hours of inservice training a month, which includes practice skills, such as water rescues, CPR and first aid situations, going over policies & procedures and any other current events that may have or will occur at the facility. We also have our monthly 8 Manikin Drops & 4 Live Action Drills; otherwise know to the lifeguards as VAT Drills, to be current with the E&A Standard. Another portion of our agreement with E&A is that they will come to our facilities unannounced and Audit our Lifeguards and Supervisors to make sure we are in fact ready & able to respond to a big emergency.

On August 15th and 16th our lifeguarding staff was audited by our lifeguarding company, Jeff Ellis and Associates.  All of our lifeguards did a great job.  We received the highest score possible, Exceeding Standards!

In the 2 days that the auditor, Corey Campbell, was here he was able to visit all 13 facilities.  There were visual observations done at each facility and there was at least one skill performed as well.  Those skills could have been anything from a First Aid scenario, an Individual CPR check or a VAT drill, to a team back boarding or a team unconscious guest scenario.

There were many great things that were seen in the audit.  With our visual observations all 28 of them performed the 5-minute strategy.  The auditor commented after words that with a client this size, having 100% of the lifeguards performing this line item was unheard of.  With skills, everything was done well.  All of our spinal scenarios were done under the time limit and with each one he had very little to critique.

Thank you again to all of our lifeguards out there, especially the ones that were audited.  Your hard work and dedication to your job was definitely observed.  Keep up the amazing work to make sure that everyone who comes into our facility leaves the same way!

To learn more about our lifeguard program or what VAT Drills are click the words above.


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