Swim Lesson Tips for Parents

Here are some great tips to help you have the best experience with us:
1. Communicate with your child’s swim instructor.  There are 5 minutes before and after class for you to discuss your child’s progress with the instructor.

2. De-emphasize passing or failing a class. No child fails a swim class; they all improve. Several sessions at one swim level is not uncommon.

3. Bring your child to open play swim to work on the skills being taught in the class.

4. Please have your child use the restroom prior to swim lessons.

5. Bring a large towel and warm clothes for your child for after the lesson.

6. Secure child’s hair from their face prior to lesson.

7. Provide some kind of head covering for wet hair and ears after lesson.

8. Allow only light meals prior to lessons.

9. If you notice your child crying or not paying attention to the instructor, it may be best to withdraw from the child’s view or not watch every lesson.

10. Be positive at home concerning swimming. They will be looking for your positive attitude and encouragement.


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