Summer is Here!

Our summer season has started, all of our 13 pools, 6 indoor & 7 outdoor are up and running for our summer months.  The weather forecast for our lovely Oregon summers is still holding true, mild weather until the 4th of July, then starting the 5th of July summer will arrived.  This next week it is suppose to get close to 90 degrees here in Portland, so come and stay cool at one of our local pools.

 Here are 5 top things to remember when it gets hot out:

  1. Stay Hydrated – Even though you may be cooling off by swimming, you can still get dehydrated when you are swimming.  You still sweat and loose fluids, but you don’t realize it.  You should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  2. Make sure you use sun block when you are outdoors.  As much as we like getting tan during our summer months.  If you get a sun burnt, that can also makes you dehydrated and more lethargic and it can be harder to do things.  Repeat often!
  3. Eat healthy food and lots of protein.  Eating junk food and soda, doesn’t give you the good nutrition or energy your body needs.  Drinking a lot of soda pop has a lot of salt & sugar that also helps with the dehydration process.
  4. Never swim alone.  Always make sure you have someone with you when you go swimming.  That way if something happens they can help or go get help.
  5. Have Fun!

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